A ground-breaking innovation in Hip Hop-inspired design methodologies, the O.U.T.K.A.S.T. Imagination (aka “the OI”), is an evidence-based hermeneutic that serves two purposes. One, it posits how Hip Hop works and functions as an analysis methodology for extracting messaging from Hip Hop-inspired media. The OI is also a design rubric used to guide human-centered computational media-making.

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The OUTKAST Imagination: A Precursor to Design Remixing

In her TEDx Talk, Dr. Joycelyn Wilson, the designer of the OI, shares her journey from a high school math teacher to an educational anthropologist, what it means for educators hoping to infuse Hip Hop pedagogics into their classrooms, and how Hip Hop-inspired design remixing informed the computational making of the HipHop2020 Innovation Archive.

Message in the Music: The OI as Annotation Guide

What if there was a way to qualify the critical sentiments in music and media for lyrical remixing, media-making, and curriculum design ? Working with Amazon Future Engineer’s “Your Voice Is Power” computer science curriculum, Dr. Wilson schools on how to decode for messaging in music with her groundbreaking methodology, the O.U.T.K.A.S.T. Imagination