HipHop2020 x DH: The Journey


Expanded the online platform to a digital archive. Moved from the use of Pano2VR to Unity.


Expanded the digital archive from 4 rooms to 11; Focused on designing a unified spatial environment. Moved out of the hard-coding of metadata; Dynamic UI; Curation of project-specific data.


Current build. Designed a VR component. Continuous building of interactivity and content management system.

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Mike Webster Room

Acquired in 2012, the Michael Webster Collection includes a vinyl collection of over 5000 records, original autographs, and materials that represent the foundational experiences for Hip Hop in the American South – particularly Atlanta.

HipHop2020 Collection

The HipHop2020 Collection includes music, hip hop journalism, papers, oral history interviews, and other material culture representing the culture between 1994 to 2016.

Asa G. Hilliard III Study Hall