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Explainer: what exactly is Kik?Update: Kik Messenger is due to shut down in mid October 2019.

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Explainer: what exactly is Kik?Update: Kik Messenger is due to shut down in mid October 2019.

What exactly is Kik?

Kik is a mobile texting application that can be utilized on both android and iPhone. The popular app that is absolve to use is comparable to Viber and WhatsApp but has some extra functions that differentiate it. As an example, a browser that is internal meaning users ought to save money time in the application.

The application has been around the headlines recently, in case your youngster features a Kik account, caution should always be taken.

The primary functions of Kik are:

  • Someone to one chatting
  • Send messages, videos, images, gifs, etc.
  • Group chat (with as much as 49 other users)
  • Anonymous chat
  • Promoted Chats allow users to check out and speak to various brands in music, activity and much more. Users will know a promoted account by the Green celebrity beside their profile.
  • What are the restrictions?

    The messaging app encourages parents to submit a deactivation request by contacting Note: Use the subject line ‘Parent Inquiry’ and include your child’s Kik username and age in your message if your child is under 16 and has created a Kik account. Note: The software presently has an age score of 17+ in the software shop.

    Who are able to my youngster communicate with?

    The app permits users in order to connect with individuals in their phone book/contact list whom curently have a Kik account. This program can additionally be switched off by visiting settings chat settings and switching down target guide matching. By turning down target guide matching, your son or daughter can only just communicate with those who understand their username.

    Your username will be your identification on Kik. This implies details like email telephone or address quantity aren’t made public from the application. To incorporate somebody as a link on Kik, you need to understand their username. The software advises users pick a username this is certainly difficult to imagine, this may help minimise contact from strangers or people who your youngster might perhaps not understand or would you like to speak to. If for example the teenager is utilizing the application encourage them to not share their username on other available networks that are social instance on Twitter.

    Other Qualities – The Kik Browser

    Kik messenger offers interior apps through its web browser motivating users to stay in the software it self. These interior apps include stickers apps, meme generators, games and dating design apps that enable users to talk to brand new associates that might be concerning for moms and dads

    Two such apps are Match & Chat and Flirt! Match & Chat works in a comparable solution to Tinder, matching users by many years, gender etc. exactly what is fretting about Match & Chat is the simplicity with which a user can talk with others users of any age they desire. As an example users can pick to talk with teenagers users, users in their,30’s that is 20’s etc.

    The Flirt! App additionally available through the Kik web web browser presents users with a listing of brand new users inside their age groups to talk with. Once again, users can simply imagine to be somebody else, offer an age that is different their Kik account etc. we might not advocate either of those apps for teens. In the event your kid is on Kik, care needs to be used particularly about the apps that is above.

    App Acquisitions

    You will find stickers available to purchase regarding the Kik application, nonetheless users should have a charge card connected for their Google Enjoy or iTunes account to make a purchase.

    Which are the dangers?

    Besides the prospective dangers from utilizing Kik’s internal dating-style apps, there are more general dangers and what to be cautious about. These consist of cyber bullying, experiencing or sharing content that is inappropriate communicating with strangers that is super easy to accomplish regarding the Kik application. To greatly help avoid these issues, similar guidelines should connect with all online interactions for young adults; only share information with people who you rely upon real world, block/report unwelcome associates, think before you click and report any improper information or communications to a dependable adult.

    How to proceed if my son or daughter gets a undesirable message

    Kik advises users ignore and block unwelcome communications from other people users. You may also report other users here: kikinteractive/support

    For more information on just what to accomplish head to:

    Blocking Users

  • Touch Settings.
  • Choose Chat Settings (on your own iPhone or Android os) or Privacy (in your Windows Phone, Symbian or BlackBerry)
  • Choose Block List.
  • Touch +
  • Find the individual you need to block.
  • Tap Block to ensure
  • Alternatively you may either go to their profile, click the symbol when you look at the top hand that is right, the choice to block them will likely then appear. Users who’ve been blocked will likely not understand they are blocked. When your son or daughter is in team with somebody they usually have obstructed, any communications that can be found in that team through the other individual will show up as obstructed Message.

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